The Story of Third Eye Solutions

2020 Back in 2001

Market Need for a Real-Time System

Third Eye Solutions was launched in 2001 when the founders observed a void in the insurance industry for a comprehensive, real-time system that could manage the financing of insurance premiums. With an aim in mind to address this problem and create an affordable system that mainstreamed the availability of premium finance software, the founders set out to launch a company that would ensure that robust premium finance software would no longer be a luxury available only to large, independent finance companies.
Anticipating the paradigm shift that would eventually result from the rise of “thin client” applications, the founders determined that building the software as a web-based platform would be the best way to achieve their goal of ensuring maximum accessibility.

Starting with humble beginnings, mirroring those of industry predecessors like Apple and HP, the founders began building the platform with a very small team of computer science majors and limited resources on-hand. In Silicon Valley, the garage is the classic work space of the startup, but in Canada where it’s much too cold to work without heat, the founders began their project in a basement, working late nights, hacking away code, and above all, relishing the excitement.

In just a short span of time, Third Eye Solutions began demonstrating its software platform to professionals in the industry. Further adjustments were made based on industry feedback to ensure that the platform was functionally comprehensive and could meet the diverse needs of various stakeholders. From that point onward, Third Eye’s roster of clients grew quickly. Since 2001, Third Eye has helped hundreds of agencies, wholesalers, independent finance companies, and banks launch and manage their premium finance program with our user-friendly software and our services for startups.
To this day, Third Eye Solutions continues to bring this ethos to all of its projects. Despite our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded significantly since 2001 and launched several other loan management platforms for niche lending verticals. Whether we’re making further updates to our premium finance system, modifying our cash-advances platform, or designing a new interface altogether, Third Eye Solutions remains the same company at heart.

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Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.


Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.