Financial Service Providers

Specialized Software for
Health Care Financing

Built to manage funding health care
providers and receivables from customers

We have the tools you need

Discount models on funding, unlimited

Grow your network of providers with varied funding discount models by provider type, size or segment. We understand relationship management is key and one model does not fit all.
We know your audience. We’ll give you everything you need to simplify and support you carry out diligence, setup of providers, transfer their receivables, the funding arrangements and discount models.

On-Boarding, simplified

Funding, managed with efficiency

Our industry specific health care software is designed to automate the complex process of handling the recurring function of funding providers.
Third Eye Solutions’ health care software will handle automatic reconciliation and offsets of rescinds, recalls and receivables.
We understand the complexities of managing customer receivables. Our health care software allows to provide payment plan options personalized to your customers to facilitate repayment.

Receivables collection, streamlined

We know the scenarios, we’ll provide the capabilities to support payment holidays, bankruptcy, court-orders, payment extension, and other custom cases.

Enhance relationship and experience

With personalized communication through timely disbursements of funding statements, adjustments, up-coming payment statements and change in payment schedule to name a few, our tailored solution with keep you ahead of expectations form your providers and customers.

We have the expertise

We’ll help you support the financial health of your provider and your customers and keep them healthy.

We understand the industry is underserved and needs lenders with specific requirements. We’ll provide the service and systems to meet you goals.

Stay Ahead

Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.


Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.