Software for Loan Management and Financing

Software for Loan Management
and Financing

Technology is our Skill-set,
Loan Management and Financing
is our core focus of business expertise.

Since 2001 we have been delivering loan management platform to niche verticals in the financial sector.

Every solution delivered is custom tailored for specific industries:

Insurance – Property & Casualty

Health Care

Commission Advances

Warranty Financing

Vehicle Service Contracts

The Need for Loan Management Software


For our clients who provide Financing, Payment Plans or Commission Advances our solutions form the backbone of their operations. They provide for the origination of the loans, payment plans or advances, the on-going servicing and the decision support.
The lack of a sound information system results in in lack of information and tools for correct decision making. A sound information system provides the tools for information gathering and processing which then is used for monitoring, analyzing, detecting and executing the well-informed decisions.

Decision Support

Operations Support​

Processing functions of a business providing financing are specific to the industry they serve. A business providing payments to customer through healthcare providers need to carry out functions such as funding the providers, calculating offsets on the funding, processing rescinds, add-on charges and handling customer billing adjustments to name a few.

Meanwhile a business providing realtor commission advances need to provide for closing date adjustments, split funding to broker and realtor and offsets from a second to towards an existing advance.

A Beetle at the Daytona 500

Needless to say, there are various loan management systems in the market, but the selection of the right platform for the needs of the business is key.
Adapting a generic loan management or accounting system to manage a portfolio of health care payment plans or insurance policy premium loans is a near-term disaster.
A loan management software designed for servicing premium finance loans will have the capability to handle additional endorsements, credit endorsements, state mandated interest credits, client refund rules and state specific disclosure requirements to name a few. Adapting a loan management system not designed for handling these critical requirements is a choice for trouble.

Don’t choose to race the Daytona 500 with a VW Beetle! Cute care, but ill-equipped for the race.

Expertise Matters.

Learn About the Purpose-Built Loan Management Systems of Third Eye Solutions.

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Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.


Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.