Healthcare Service Providers

Tools and Support to Offer Payment Plans

We’ve got your back.

Provide the payment options your patients need.
We’ll make it easy to manage the receivables.

With the right options for clients to make payments and the tools to monitor and manage the payments, administering a set of payment plans is easy.
Payment Plans are known help grow client base, increase retention and strengthens relationship.

The tools you need to succeed

All payment channels

Third Eye Solutions will provide you a tailored system for your practise with the right tools to efficiently track and collect your patients’ payments
We’ll provide the capability to collect your client payments through recurring withdrawal, credit card, check-by-web, one-time ACH, phone-in payment, PayPal, or any online option of your choice.

Simplifying payment collection

Trends show clients prefer an on-line self-service portal to check next payment date, payment made, reprint statements, balance inquiry and even make payments.

Client self service portal

We’ll provide the portal your clients expect

Expertise and Support to help you

You can depend on us to assist you develop
and setup the payment plans.

We’ll leverage our industry knowledge to implement the framework for the payment plans, client eligibility rules and due diligence process.

We’ll also make sure to integrate information from your practise management system

All-in-One platform to manage your collections

Maximum automation to reduce your workload

Let’s work together

It’s nice to have someone to bounce your ideas.
Reach out to us.
We’ll share out 20 years of industry experience
and provide you the information you need to make an informed

We’ll help you enable your patients pay for
the health care that fosters the delivery of
superior value.

Stay Ahead

Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.


Find out about our software capabilities, client success stories or even obtain industry insights.